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Properties of Aluminum Alloy 1050/5005

Aluminum sheets in alloy 1050 are considered as a commodity material with good forming properties, corrosion resistance and conductivity.

Aluminum 5005 is a medium strength aluminum alloy with a small amount of magnesium as its primary alloying element. It has good form-ability, and suitable for applications that require bending, spinning, drawing, stamping and roll forming. It is often used for applications that require an anodized finish.

Applications of Aluminum Alloy 1050/5005

The price of 1050 aluminum alloy is lower than many other aluminum alloys, together with good properties it is preferred for use in many sectors as Construction, transports, équipements électriques & électroniques, électroménager, automobile, industries.

Alloy 5005 is often used in construction for facade and roofing applications. It is excellent for further anodizing.

Table of commonly stocked sizes for Aluminum Alloy 1050/5005

Apart from these sizes, other nonstandard sizes are available on request. Please get in touch with us with your demand.

Aluminium plain sheet thickness (mm) Dimensions 1000 mm х 2000 mm Dimensions 1250 mm х 2500 mm Dimensions 1500 mm х 3000 mm Dimensions 2000 mm х 4000 mm

Autres alliages et dimensions possibles sur demande:

Alliages: 1050, 3003, 3005, 3105, 5005, 5456, 5754, 5083, 6061, 6082, 7075, 2024, 2017

Tempéraments: 0, H1x, H2x, H3x, H4x

Epaisseur: 0,2mm – 300mm

Largeur: 500mm – 2200mm

Longueur: 750mm – 6000mm

Poids de la pile: 1 tonne

Emballage: Les feuilles et plaques sont soigneusement emballées contre les dommages dus au stockage et au transport. L’entrelacement du papier entre les couches de feuille est possible. Une palette européenne ou une boîte en bois est applicable.