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aluminum slabs up to 1300 mm. thickness aluminum slab aluminum slabs

  • Plaques D’aluminium – Alliage 5083 or AA5083 cast alloy is the perfect combination of chemical composition and mechanical properties to achieve the best performance that reduces the risk of porosity in “super block” up to 1300 mm thick. The alloy, in its homogenized state, has high ductility, ideal for many mechanical applications.
  • Plaques D’aluminium – Alliage 5083 or AA5083 alloy is widely used in the construction, packaging, automotive and marine industries due to its many great advantages such as good ductility, weldability, strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Although aluminium plate 5083 is used in a wide range of applications for the manufacture of plastic mould castings, its increased corrosion resistance makes it particularly effective for use in the manufacture of moulds for expanded polypropylene and expanded polystyrene. They are often used in the automotive and packaging industries.
  • A very popular application of alloy 5083 is the casting of tooling inserts. Thicknesses up to 800 mm. are precision machined to tight tolerances for the production of measuring instruments, robot and automation components, foundry patterns, vacuum and milling tables, packaging and printing machines, inspection equipment and processing fixtures. The dimensional stability and tight planarity tolerances inherent in the 5083 cast tooling plate are critical for applications where accuracy is paramount.