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Профили за соларни панели Профили за соларни панели Профили за соларни панели

  • Aluminum solar cell profiles are an important but often overlooked component of a solar panel. The aluminum profile solar panel frame and mounting bracket are generally used to seal and fix the solar battery components.
  • The folded profiles are produced by means of extrusion, which guarantees the strength and correct shape of the material.
  • The aluminum construction is suitable for all weather conditions, guaranteeing a long life of the system, protecting the solar panels themselves from damage.
  • The low weight of aluminum makes it extremely suitable for placing on roofs of buildings.
  • Specially developed systems for tile and sheet metal roofs facilitate installation, shortening installation time.

Крепежи за соларни панели Крепежи за соларни панели

*Set of end or middle plate for 35mm or 40mm panel, counter nut and bolt: BGN 1.90/pcs. without VAT

Профил за соалрни панели Крепежи за соларни панели

*Bearing profile for a roof with feathers for easier installation, 6m length: BGN 9.50/m without VAT

Система за керемиден покрив за соларни панели

*Set of bracket for tile, bolt and nut: BGN 10.90/piece without VAT

*Bearing profile, 6m length: BGN 9.50/m without VAT