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 Carreaux de porcelaine grand format XL



  • Extra-large porcelain tiles are a modern solution with universal application for both residential and business environments. With an exceptional design and manufacturing technology, they recreate a vision of natural marbles, stone, resins and technical structures, while at the same time they are being characterized with strength, high resistance, indifference to thermal expansion and non-flammability. These characteristics allow the possibility of making tiles with sizes of 60×180 cm. up to 120×180 cm. and thickness of 8mm.
  • The surface of the tiles can be matte, glossy, anti-slip, satin.
  • Almost all extra-large porcelain tiles are rectified (laser cut) which in turn allows them to be laid without joints or at least to be minimized. Thus, an illusion of increased area is created, a feeling of space and а completely finished vision is given.


Catalogue “XL Porcelain Tiles” AKSAL[:]