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Aksal offers various suspended ceiling options for shopping malls, offices, hospitals, airports and residential buildings.

 “Baffle” systems

  • For wide and open spaces.
  • A special locking system of the supporting profile ensures easy, safe and quick installation.
  • It is possible to produce panels of different sizes and distances.
  • Perforation can be applied as a design and acoustic layout.
  • The surfaces can be different such as: color according to “RAL”, wooden, anodized.
Окачени ТаваниОкачени ТаваниОкачени Тавани

Baffle Suspended CeilingBaffle system

  “Slimline” systems

  • Thanks to the special locking system, “Slimline” is also suitable for areas under sheds and is preferred in spaces such as corridors.
  • Installed panels along the area give the effect of ceiling continuity.
  • The system allows a diverse application of lighting fixtures, which provides different possibilities in the design of the project.
  • “Slimline” panel size: 100-150-200 mm height available. The length is up to 3000 mm.
Окачени ТаваниОкачени ТаваниОкачени Тавани

Slimline Suspended systemSlimline Suspended systemSlimline Suspended system

  “Multi panel” systems

  • The system is formed by a standard omega bearing profile and panels that can be used in different widths and depths.
  • Thanks to the system, a dynamic view is obtained.
  • The length of the panel is up to 3000 mm. The maximum width is 246 mm.
  • It is also possible to supply a “closing” panel that fills the gaps between the individual panels.
Окачени ТаваниОкачени ТаваниОкачени Тавани

Multi Suspended system Multi Suspended system Multi Suspended system

  Perforated system

  • We offer variations of models that meet different levels of permeability with different openings, shapes, sizes and layouts for standard perforated metal panels used in “Kasso” metal suspended ceiling systems.

Perforated suspended ceiling system

 Laser cutting and multiperforation

  • Whatever idea is in your imagination, we can help you make it happen with our patterns and production capabilities. With our high-precision CNC milling machine and other advanced technologies, we are able to create special perforated patterns and shapes from various materials, colors and sizes.

Laser Multiperforated systemLaser and Multiperforated systemLaser and Multiperforated system

Laser and Multiperforated systemLaser and Multiperforated system

Expanded Mesh panel systems

  • The stretch mesh system for suspended ceilings offers many design possibilities thanks to different, shapes and sizes. The three-dimensional shape allows you to create a modern and mobile space.

Expanded Mesh systemExpanded Mesh systemExpanded Mesh systemExpanded Mesh systemExpanded Mesh system

Suspended Ceilings