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 Resident building Serdika area – Sofia

Klinker bricks facadeKlinker bricks facade

When well-prepared façade base, the installation of this type of system is quick and clean. Thanks to the ribbed guide channel XPS insulation, the horizontal lines are guarantee straight. This allows the installation team to focus on quality placement of the material as per manufacturer’s recommendation without having to make constant measurements. It helps to avoid distortion of lines that could be seen when installing standard type of XPS insulation without ribbed channels.
Clinker tiles are used in a range with a slight colour variation and relief texture to complete the outlook of the building. The tile texture lightens the overall appearance of the facade and gives a classic demeanour carrying the spirit of England and the Netherlands.

  • Clinker tiles color – “Rustic Aegean”
  • XPS – channel – thickness 80mm.
  • Fasteners, adhesives and joints.