Building – “BLD KRISTA”

  • Building – “BLD KRISTA”
  • Material – 2мм, aluminium coils, PVDF 3L  RAL 7016
  • Quantity – 500 м2


 Resident building “Reway”

КлинкерКлинкер/XPS системаКлинкер/XPS система

Клинкер/XPS системаКлинкер/XPS система Клинкер/XPS система

More and more often we see buildings that use clinker tiles as a facade solution.
We decided to present a building whose investors trusted our team in the supply for one of the types of klinker systems we offer. The system components include: XPS with ribbed channels, Clinker tiles, fasteners, adhesives and joints.
When well-prepared façade base, the installation of this type of system is quick and clean. Thanks to the ribbed guide channel XPS insulation, the horizontal lines are guarantee straight. This allows the installation team to focus on quality placement of the material as per manufacturer’s recommendation without having to make constant measurements. It helps to avoid distortion of lines that could be seen when installing standard type of XPS insulation without ribbed channels.
Clinker tiles are used in a range with a slight colour variation and relief texture to complete the outlook of the building. The tile texture lightens the overall appearance of the facade and gives a classic demeanour carrying the spirit of England and the Netherlands.

  • Clinker tiles color – “Rustic Aegean”
  • XPS – channel – thickness 80mm.
  • Fasteners, adhesives and joints.


 Complex “Seasons”

Expanded MeshExpanded MeshExpanded Mesh

Expanded MeshExpanded Mesh Expanded Mesh

Introducing the Seasons complex!
It is located in the city of Varna. It consists of four buildings, each of them named after one of the seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
“Aksal” took part in this project by supplying two of the materials needed to form the facade and the balconies, which are respectively:
– Painted aluminum mesh which was installed onto the facade and the balcony section.
– Aluminum boxes painted according to the client’s specifications, installed as a solution for the support structure of the mesh and as a railing on the balconies.


 Office Building Corten Steel

Corten Steel

CORTEN? – this is usually the first reaction we are encountering when presenting this material.
Below we will tell more about the laser cut Corten steel we supply to customers according to their requirement.
The finished panels are going through a chemically treated process that accelerates the corrosion/aging course of the steel, creating a specific patina on the surface of the material. The time it is taking to complete the chemigation is several days.
The sealing of the material significantly reduces the staining of the facade when water runs off the Corten steel.
The implemented panels from our last construction site are contributing to the glass façade to look more elegant and vivid.
The sense of modern-industrial style ensures a look that will hold the attention to the building for many years to come.
In addition to partial sun protection, in this case some of the panels were also used as a totem for the building, carrying the company’s corporate identity.”


 Office Building “Space Tower Sofia”



  • Building – “Space Tower Sofia”
  • Material – 2mm, aluminium coils, PVDF 3L  RAL 7016
  • Quantity – 1500 м2



  Residential and Office Building “Garitage”


  • Residential Complex – “Garitage”
  • Material – 2mm. aluminium coils, 7043 + MF
  • Quantity – 2500 м2


 Business Centre “SkyCity Mall” Facade

SkyCity Mall

SkyCity Mall

SkyCity Mall  SkyCity Mall

  • Business Centre  – SkyCity Mall
  • Material – 2mm.. aluminium coils
  • Instalator – „VAS PRO“


  Office Building “Kalistratov Group”


  • Office Building – “Kalistratov Group”
  • Material – 2mm. aluminium coils, 7043 + MF
  • Quantity – 200 м2



  Office Building “Kendy” – Bankya


  • Office Building – “Kendy” – Bankya
  • Material – 2mm. aluminium coils, 7016
  • Quantity – 200 м2



  Building “Office 360”
















  • Location – Turkey
  • Material – Aluminium with multiperforation(20 and 8mm.)
  • Surface finish – Electrostatic Powder Coating
  • Execution – KASSO


  Business Building “S20SB Headquarter”



















  • Location – Turkey.
  • Material – Aluminium 10mm. perforated metal&folded.
  • Surface finish – Satin Anodized.
  • Execution – KASSO


  Fashion Store “Vakko”

























  • Location – Turkey.
  • Material – Aluminium.
  • Surface finish – Powder coating.
  • Execution – KASSO


  MegaMall “Watergarden”

  • Location – Turkey.
  • Material – Aluminium with 10-20mm. multiperforated metal&pattern cut.
  • Surface finish – Electrostatic Powder coating.
  • Execution – KASSO

 Architectural-Building Week

Изложение щанд

Изложение щанд  Изложение щанд  Изложение щанд

  • In the beginning of 2020, “AKSAL” Ltd. took part in the 20th in a row exhibition “Architectural-Building Week” held at the IEC – Sofia.
  • The company’s 21 m2 booth featured some of the most up-to-date facade products currently on the market, such as: