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per-painted aluminium painted aluminum

Alloys: 1050, 5005, 5754

​Thickness: 0,15 mm. – 3 mm.

​Width: max. 2400 mm.

Type of paints: PE, PU, HDPE, 2PVDF, 3PVDF


  • To provide color consistent paint and surface resistance, our pre-painted aluminium is coated through a continuous production process. The solid colours and metallic paints are applied in two or four layers after which they are permanently sealed.
  • For high quality architectural applications we use only PVdF (Polyvinylid Fluoride) paints of the highest quality (80/20). Mainly with inorganic pigments these PVdF paints are ideal for outdoor applications. This helps to protect the pre-painted aluminium to make the façade material weatherproof, UV resistant and possible to be applied close to seawater.
  • With such protection any kind of environmental impact on the material is minimal. Extreme climatic zones also do not pose a threat to the pre-painted aluminium surface.


    • Facade panels and claddings, roofing systems, gutters, sill drips and more
    • Suspended ceilings, sunscreens, shutters, blinds
    • Insulation panels