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  • HPL EXTERIOR is made for all external applications. In addition to its use as a facade cladding, it can also be used for any outdoor applications such as balconies, outdoor furniture, sun protection, sheds, railings, signs, porches, balustrades, decorative fences, blinds and a wide range of other exterior applications.
  • HPL EXTERIOR is extremely weather-resistant, self-supporting, robust, rigid composite material manufactured at high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius and with a high pressure of 9 megapascals.
  • The core of the material consists of phenolic resin impregnated wood saturated layers of kraft paper.
  • Decorative surfaces are made of thermo-reactive resins impregnated with decorative wood cellulose layers of paper, reinforced with UV resistant foils.
  • HPL EXTERIOR panels are available in standard quality (HPL EXTERIOR) and fire resistant (HPL EXTERIOR-FR, B s2 d0).
  • Thickness: 2 mm – 18 mm (By increasing 2 mm)
  • Standard Production Dimensions: 1300 х 2800 mm and 1300 х 3050 mm
  • Special production and cutting are performed according to the project.
  • In Stock colors options available

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