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Corten Steel Corten Steel Corten Steel

Corten Steel Corten Steel Corten Steel

  • Facade Corten is currently one of the most popular types of steel for designers which is very widely used in gardens, public spaces and private properties. Numerous interior designers and planners often decide to use the Corten in modern spaces,  thanks to its specific outlook. In the past Corten was primarily seen as a durable and corrosion-resistant raw material used for manufacturing in heavy industry. Currently it is being used in building facades or as an addition to interior design. Corten perfectly emphasizes aesthetic values of modern shape when it comes to industrial, public and private construction.
  • AKSAL is supplying only Facade Corten Steel – we can not provide sheets or profile steel! 

 Weather resistant

  • Corten steel has a broad spectrum of valuable properties first significant of which is increased resistance to extreme weather conditions. Corten under the influence of rainfall and air produces on its surface a rust-like coating. However this coating is much different from the standard corrosion. It does not damage the material, but instead serves as a protective layer created by several chemical elements such as nickel, phosphorus, chromium and copper.

 No maintenance

  • Protective outside layer made of those elements doesn’t progress deeper into the material, which means that Corten has little to none requirements regarding impregnation or special care. It also does not generate additional costs in need of regular painting or renovation.

 Corten Patina by AKSAL

  • But before it takes on its final appearance, corten steel’s original state has no patina and the rust on it can take several months to appear and stabilise. Many landscape architects also love the way Corten’s appearance alters over time as the patina blocks off oxygen and moisture, creating lots of different surface tones and textures. Corten’s rusting process does, however, have one potential drawback – it gradually leaches rust-coloured water onto nearby surfaces and stains them permanently. If the adjoining surface is lightly coloured, the leaching can make it look pretty unsightly. To minimise leakage, AKSAL recommends applying oxidation accelerators to shorten surface-maturing time. This significantly reduces the staining effect once the Corten is in place.
  • AKSAL’s Corten products are treated in this way.
  • We offer several colours – matt and gloss effect.

Facade Corten Steel