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      • Thanks to their excellent physical properties and significant advantages, copper and zinc are considered to be two of the ideal materials used in architecture.
      • To Design a facade of a building with copper and zinc provides many opportunities for innovation. The impressive natural surfaces of copper, zinc and copper alloys allow an unique design. Prefabricated system elements of the system offer a wide range of solutions, from complex-form projects to simple and economical cladding of larger areas.
      • Once placed, AKSAL’s products come alive and become even more beautiful over time.
      • Their main application in building architecture is for facades and roofs. Copper and zinc roofs offer unparalleled aesthetics.


  • AKSAL Copper Sheets and Coils are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities. They are made of Cu-DHP oxygen-free, phosphorus- deoxidised copper with limited residual phosphorus. Cu-DHP is suitable for welding and soldering and is at least 99.9% (pure copper). Cu-DHP is extremely malleable regardless of the temperature or the direction of rolling. Both roof and façade materials exceed the requirements of EN 1172 regarding tolerances and most importantly the properties of the material. This gives the facade or the roof an excellent appearance.
  • AKSAL Copper Sheets and Coils are produced with a bright and shiny copper surface. After installation it develops a matt, dark brown surface due to the natural oxidation from the atmosphere. During the initial oxidation, before the dark-brown oxide layer is found on the surface of the copper, a number of brown shades and even purple nuances can develop. Over time the typical copper green patina develops. This gives the building a unique accent and the protective character of the patinated layer contributes to the exceptional longevity of the material.


      • Zinc is an excellent roofing and cladding material that gives building sustainability.
      • AKSAL facade zinc coating has infinite beauty, it is completely maintenance-free and reliable protection for generations.
      • Besides the exceptional material properties of zinc and its attractive appearance, this natural material also has other properties such as: not flammable and can protect buildings from lightning.


  • Designed to serve generations, zinc roofs provide durable and sustainable protection for the building. Zinc has been used in this application for over 150 years. For decades it has been the preferred choice for metal roofs around the world. It wins the customers with high quality craftsmanship and impresses with its endless style.
  • Zinc metal coatings set criteria that ensures functionality and aesthetic look for years.
  • Zinc metal roofing structures do not need maintenance and protect the building while still looking attractive.