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  • Aluminium materials are diversified according to purpose of use. The most preferred type of aluminium is called aluminium bar and materials produced by extrusion process by alloying aluminium. The most produced and shaped aluminium bars and products in the aluminium industry are aluminium bar from alloys 6082 and 7075.
  • When the aluminium rod is examined in terms of hardness, it appears to be very useful. Most offered aluminium rods are in alloy 6082, 6061, 7075 where aluminium rods and their products are produced in the most suitable way in terms of hardness. We have been dealing with aluminium and its products for a long time and we are always working to improve our quality.
  • An average of 70% from the weight of an aircraft is formed by aluminum. Aluminum alloys have made a great contribution to the development of the aviation industry and the production of aircraft’s due to its lightness and durability. After the duraluminium (aluminum-copper) alloy the most important future aircraft material will be aluminum-lithium alloys. With aluminum-lithium alloys it is possible to reduce the weight of the planes with around 15%.
  • The importance and usage of aluminum in the defense industry is rapidly increasing. In rocket and missile systems different amounts of aluminum alloys are often used. As of the type of rocket or missile, according to the infrastructure and parts, aluminum and products may be preferred.

AKSAL is offering all range of sizes and alloys such as:

Alloys: 1050, 6060, 6063, 6082, 2024, 2017, 7020, 7049, 7075 etc

Tempers: T3, T6

Dimeters: up to 300 mm.