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Парапети от Стъкло Парапети от Стъкло

  • Railing system with Side fixing

Side Mountage Side Mountage

  • Railing system with Upper fixing

Upper Mountage Upper Mountage

  • Railing system with hidden fixing

  • Aluminium glass railings can be of different types of mountings (hidden, side, upper and etc.) that give the freedom of architects to use their imagination when creating the exterior and interior design of the project.
  • The thickness of the glass should be between 12 – 21.52 mm.
  • Slim and elegant design.
  • Quick installation with ready-made openings.
  • Internal drainage openings in case of rain.
  • Unlimited transparency.
  • The Railing system includes: Aluminium profil (coloured or anodized according client’s preferences)

Railing system