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aluminium furniture profiles

Alloys: 1xxx, 6xxx

Tempers: T66

Width: max.600 mm.

​Length: 100 mm. – 6000 mm.

  • Aluminum is an excellent option in the manufacture of furniture due to its lightness, durability and beauty.
  • Aluminum will last for years, which allows you to get the most out of your investment.
  • The possibilities for the production of various shapes and designs of the profile are almost unlimited, as the aluminum is extruded under pre-set dimensions and shape of the mold by the individual wishes of the customer.
  • Advantages of the aluminum profile:
    • does not rust, which allows it to be used in all weather conditions
    • low weight
    • possibility for anodizing or powder coating
    • it is recyclable material

Catalogue Aluminium Furniture Profiles