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Aluminium Expanded Mesh  Aluminium Expanded Mesh

  • Expanded Aluminium Pate is both versatile and economical. It is more cost-effective compared with perforated metals. Because it is slit and expanded, it creates less materials waste during manufacturing. Thus you don’t have to pay for material loss in the production process.
  • Aluminium expanded sheets have excellent strength to weight ratio and a number of patterns to choose from.
  • Expanded Sheet allows easy passages of sound, air and light, with open areas ranging from 40% to 70%. It is available in most material types and finishes and is highly versatile for producing different shapes, cuttings, tube and roll forming.
  • Aluminium Expanded Mesh is a key material for building and architecture engineering. It is used for ventilating, security and decorations. Its openings allow the passage of air, light, heat and sound, and its material is lightweight. In addition, formed with decorative diamond pattern, expanded mesh can be used aesthetically and may be found in applications like shelving, partitions, ceiling tiles, architectural cladding and more. It is also widely applied in filtration, laths, screen, fences or other industries.
  • Surface treatment
    • Powder coated
    • Anodized

    Aluminium Expanded Mesh

    Alumiium Perforation