• The terracotta extruded tiles are designed with a wide range of formats, colors and finishes to create a building with a modern, innovative appearance whilst at the same time, preserving the traditional appearance of terracotta.
      • The environmentally friendly material can withstand the coldest winters and warmest summers, with little to no maintenance. Thanks to its natural composition and production under high temperatures, the baked clay panels come as standard with an A1 class fire rating. Furthermore, terracotta ventilated facade panels naturally provide thermal benefits to boost the thermal efficiency of buildings.
      • Thanks to its ability to reflect external noise pollution, terracotta ventilated facades has a high level of acoustic reduction.
      • The panels reaction to fire is achieving an A1 rating. Thanks to the low absorption (less than 1%) properties of terracotta, environmental pollution does not tend to penetrate the panel surface, therefore rainwater usually provides a sufficient clean to restore panels to their best.
      • A1 fire rating
      • Moisture resistant
      • No maintenance
      • Sustainable material