Cheese Foil

  Cheese Foil

    • Aluminium foil in thickness of 0.012 – 0.014 mm with protective lacquer coating, is used for processed cheese packaging. The aluminium foil is suitable to wrap melted cheese.
    • Alu foil of 0.014 mm thickness with two side impregnation lacquer coating is used for the packaging of processed cheese with a shorter shelf life (up to 2 months).
    • Processed cheese with an extended shelf life (up to one year) is packed in 0.012 mm foil with thermoplastic coating, enabling hermetic sealing with the Al foil.
    • The thermoplastic lacquers enable the Al foil to be sealed solely with the temperature of the packed cheese. Such foil meets all hygienic requirements. A tear tape for easier package opening can be integrated into the foil upon request.