Aluminium foils

 Yogurt Foil


Structure: Primer/Alu foil/Plastic Layer

Laminate for lids produced on the basis of aluminum foil coated with a layer of plastic support coextrusion used for the production of lids which provides sealing for packaging, mainly for dairy, fat and food concentrates. Lids made from this laminate are used for closing cups and bottles with fancy dairy products such as sour milk, yoghurt, cream, etc. They are an alternative to the commonly used lids based on aluminum foil and heat-sealable varnish.

Laminate is characterized by better mechanical parameters, such as high puncture resistance, very good tear resistance, and additionally there is no a specific smell associated with the heat seal lacquer film. It is also more resistant to chemicals coming from the packaged product from a heat seal lacquer laminate.

  • reduce the risk of puncture of the lid and increase fault tolerance through improved mechanical properties
  • reduce the risk of leaks in the seal of the cup
  • increasing product protection against contact with aluminium foil - high corrosion resistance
  • elimination of residual solvents and thermo specific smell of lacquer
  • eliminating the possibility of scrap aluminum remaining on the edge of the cup of plastic, which today is used in standard technologies and substantially complicates the recycling process of the container

Laminate is ideal for flexographic and rotogravure printing. On packaging machines it can be used both as a web and single lids.

 Dairy & Fat Foils

For packing butter, bullion cubes, margarine and confectionery AKSAL offers high barrier laminates on the basis of paper, aluminum foil, and wax or paraffin. Laminates are characterized by shape memory technology. Additionally personalized or universal embossing may be applied. Printed laminates are produced in line with the lamination process.

 Coffee Lidding Foil for Capsules

For the capsules business, we can supply reels typically at 25 and 30mic with high burst strengths to cover the highest of pressure pumps and wide of sealing temperature to various types of plastic including: PS,PVC,PE,PP.

 Household Foil

For the capsules business, we can supply reels typically at 25 and 30mic with high burst strengths to cover the highest of pressure pumps and wide of sealing temperature to various types of plastic including: PS,PVC,PE,PP.

  • Good flatness control and clean surface
  • Workability in high speed machines
  • Reduction in effects of light, moisture, oxygen, liquids, micro-organisms and unwanted aromas
  • Effective protection of contents against the quality and prevention from the spoilage of sensitive products
  • Resistance against the highest temperatures encountered in cooking
  • Prevention from the decrease of the heat of the oven, when used in cooking to cover a dish or a piece of meat or poultry, by the help of its heat conductivity
  • High utility for protecting some parts of food from being dried or over-cooked in a microwave oven, as microwave energy cannot pass through metalPrevention from spring back once folded

Fields of utilization

  • Especially kitchen and other parts of the house, even gardens
  • Industrial kitchens – restaurants, schools, hospitals
  • As a lid of storage containers or wrapping the foodstuff

  Pharmaceutical Industry Foils

Blister packaging is used by the pharmaceutical industry to address a number of issues, including preservation and freshness of products, safety and user friendliness. All Foils offers adhesive coated, heat seal and custom printed foils for blister packaging applications. Our foils are designed for product protection, opening convenience and consistent high quality. Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry choose our heat seal aluminum foils for blister packaging because these materials are:

  • Moisture Resistant
  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost Effective

 Aluminium Paper Laminated

  • From 6-80mic foil gauge
  • Print up to 8 colors on foil or paper
  • Suitable for high speed lines including tobacco wax lamination
  • Solvent and water based lamination
  • Inline coating
  • Available with different embossing patterns

 Aluminium For Containers

The application of container foil includes fast food packaging, catering and pet food packaging.

  • Alloy: EN AW–3005, EN AW–8011
  • Temper: Soft – O
  • Surface: Mill finish, degreased by annealing
  • Width (mm): 150-1350mm

 Aluminium foil for Air Ducts

  • Flexible aluminium foil duct is ideal for rangehood ventilation or other general purpose ducting or ventilation
  • Flexible air ducts are made of 45 to 70mic thick aluminium foil

 Aluminium Foil for Chocolate

  • Aluminium chocolate foil is the perfect packaging solution for different chocolate types
  • The foil has ideal machinability properties, barrier protector against loss of flavour and moisture
  • Brilliant appearance, excellent gloss and outstanding folding performance
  • Aluminium chocolate foils are made of 10 to 15 microns thick aluminium foil. It can be plan, lacquered for better machining and/or embossed for aesthetic design

 Aluminium For Wine Caps

  • Wine twist caps have recently become increasingly popular. Wine aluminium caps carry a wide variety of colours, sizes and printing options. Aluminium thickness 0.18-0.22mm, in different types of lacquers.
  • Aluminium foil for flexible wine caps in thickness 35-40mic